Chanel Earrings Cc Silver 3 Pairs No need Retractable Earrings



Style:3Pair Three Color Clip On Non Pierced Fake Hoop Earrings

Size:11mm/0.39 Inner Diameter( can be used on your ear piercings like forward helix, helix, cartilage,upperLobe, auricle traguspiercings and lip and nose, etc other body piercing)

Material:Lightweight Copper with Excellent Nickel Free Electroplating Technology,Safe and Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Ear.

Non Pierced Earring: Fake Earings But Looks So Real ,A Great Way to Enjoy a Great Look Without Suffering the Pain of Piercings.

Easy to Put On and Off:Features with Spring PIN and Round Stopper Design ,Comes on and off Easily with a Hand But Will not Come Off From Normal Movement.Depending on the size of your ear, use it as an earring or ear hoopIt looks almost real, like have piercings in the ears

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