EO Gas Ear Lobe Titanium G23 Belly Ring Stud Piercing Jewelry 8G Earrings



These Body Belly Button Rings are made of EO gas sterilized Titanium G23 which means they are easy to clean and they won’t rust or cause irritation.

Grab some ATTENTION AT THE POOL OR BEACH and glisten with a sexy by sporting these flattering Navel Belly Button Ring.

Plain and simple, these Belly Ring Piercing are EASY TO ATTACH AND FIT SECURELY.

Titanium Body Belly Button Rings won’t irritate and are GREAT IF YOU’RE ACTIVE.

2Pcs of 14g (1.6mm) 9/16 (14mm) Titanium EO gas sterilized Bar Belly Rings, 8mm 5mm ball.

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