Nose Ring Clothing G23 Titanium 18G Hinged Segment Etsy Cuff Earrings



✿Adorn your piercing with our delicate 14G G23 Titanium hinged segmented seamless ring.This ring hinged clicker easy to put on and take off.

✿Thickness:14G (1.6mm);Inner Diameter:12mm;Color:Gold.

✿Perfect addition to the following piercings: Septum, Nostril, Eyebrow, Smiley (Upper Frenulum), Earlobe, Helix, Nipple, Tragus, Lip, Conch,Cartilage.

✿Include:1Pcs Nose Rings Piercing + a Velvet Gift Bag.

✿Our jewels are ideal for a fresh perforation because, in addition to their biocompatibility, they have the internal thread to avoid skin scraping.

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