Piercing Jewelry Septum Tragus Nose Cartilage Helix M5124 Creative Earrings Titanium 14 Gauge Segment Nose Ring



These Nose Piercing are made of Titanium which means they are easy to clean and they won??t rust or cause irritation.

These Nose Piercing Jewelry are DESIGNED TO OPEN UP CLICK IN SECURELY which means they are very easy to use and great for children. They are seamless which means they are comfortable too.

These Nose Jewelry BEND WHICH MAKES THEM SO EASY TO USE and so comfortable to wear that they are suitable for anyone.

These Nose Piercing Earrings come with SATIN POUCH in which you can store them or other pieces of jewelry.

1Pc of 14g (1.6mm) 5/16 (8mm) Titanium Nose Piercing Rings .

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