Titanium Daith Earrings 16 Gauge 8mm Women Silver Ear Summer Earrings



The inner diameter measures 8mm ( 5/16). The wire thickness measures 16 gauge (1.2mm). This cubic zirconia hinged ring is a perfect piece to add some texture to your daith, septum, cartilage, helix, tragus or lobe piercings!

Material: Grade 23 Titanium. You needn’t worry about allergies,BUT IF YOU’RE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO METAL OR ONLY CAN WEAR SOLID TITANIUM, suggest you don’t try. Titanium is usually preferred over steel because it contains no nickel and it weighs almost 50% less than steel.Titanium is super for people with sensitive skin to steel. It does cost a little more but is well worth it.

Sold by piece.Easy to clean and to take in and out. When you can’t wear your facial piercings at work, this hinged clicker ring will make it easy to wear on the weekends and days off!

This piering jewelry is also a prefect gift to friends on Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Valentines Day,etc.

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