Titanium G23 Curved Barbell Earrings Piercing Jewelry Cartilage Tragus Daith Lip Rook 3mm Money Sign Earrings



These Cartilage Curved Barbell are made of Titanium G23 which means they are easy to clean and they won??t rust or cause irritation.

Plain and simple, these Curved Barbell Ear are EASY TO ATTACH AND FIT SECURELY.

IDENTICAL SIZING allows you to wear these Curved Eyebrow Barbell in Eyebrow, Tragus, Bridge, Cartilage, Helix, Lobe, Nose, Snug, Pinna , Rim, Rook, Snake Bites, Belly, Daith, Nipple and a mix of other piercings.

These Curve Barbell Bar will FIT YOU PERFECTLY because the size is measured before they are sent.

4Pcs set includes, 2Pcs of 16g (1.2mm) 1/4 (6mm) Titanium Curved Cartilage Stud Earring, 3mm ball. 2Pcs of 16g (1.2mm) 1/4 (6mm) Titanium Cartilage Curved Barbell Earrings, 3mm cone.

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