OUFER Titanium Daith Piercing Jewelry Hinged Segment Hoop G23 Cartilage Gold Earrings For Teenage Girl



?PC SOLID G23 TITANIUM HINGE SEGMENT EARRING?one order contains one piece G23 titanium hinge segment helix daith earring,simple design makes the ring more elegant and charming.It must be very beautiful on your ear or nose.

❤COMFORTABLE SIZE?16G=1.2mm, Inner diameter is 8mm,this size is the most suitable and Comfortable size for tragus,helix,daith,septum,piercing

❤NON-IRRITATING? The biggest advantage of titanium body jewelry is that the titanium does not contain other metals like nickel. Nickel is found in surgical steel and some people find that it irritates their piercings.All of our titanium piercings are 100% nickel free. We advise you to consider titanium piercings if you have a nickel allergy.

❤EASY TO OPEN AND CLOSE ?the cartilage hoop is hinge segment design,more easier to open and close and not easily deformed .no mater how many times you open and close the item ,it looks like a new one ,the hoop will not be deformed. We have achieved strict quality control,make sure every item easy to open and close ,to make sure the buckle position will not be loose .

❤PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE? Highly Specialized Body Jewellery. Production / Designing / Creating.If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll handle it immediately thus providing you with 100% pre/post satisfatory services.

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